The restaurant service is not available during this period. 

Our restaurant changes is own Brand and is renewed, but the quality is always the same! Why do you eat? Simple: The Si restaurant gives continuity to the name of our hotel, Si Montalcino, and at the same time testifies the link with the territory of Siena, whose province is summarized precisely in that “yes”. ‘Eat’ is instead an exhortation to a simple and immediate gesture, but it also recalls the Torre del Mangia, which stands in Siena in Piazza del Campo. We invite you to try our restaurant, taste our dishes. And now everyone at the table: You eat!

Our philosophy is to provide the experience of sharing delicious food in wonderful company, with an excellent glass of wine. Our menus are based on fresh seasonal local products, locally raised meats, game and cheeses. Our chef selects the freshest ingredients every day to prepare gourmet dishes according to the best local traditions. This earth expresses the excellence of its products, we feel obliged to treat them in the best of ways, coaxing out their aromas and flavors with a stream of green gold, our olive oil, and so much red passion like our special wine of Montalcino!

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